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What is Konkani Rocks?

 One of the most interesting, innovative and creative ideas of the years gone by, Heritage Jazz’s ‘Konkani Rocks’ was executed for the first time in Goa Velha on the 3rd of December 2009 amidst a lot of excitement and buzz. It featured some of Goa’s best talents as well as national artists of the highest caliber. Goa was also set to witness for the first time on Goan soil, an international artist performing local music, and entertaining Konkani speakers; this was a supernova concept and the first of its kind in sheer creativity, size, presentation and quality.

Konkani Rocks has always created interesting and path breaking concepts, constantly moving ahead while respecting the past and leading the way for a positive change. This concept did that and much more, going beyond music and entertainment to touch the hearts of the locals at the grassroots of Goa. People took pride in the fact that an international star rocked to their local music; it proved yet again that our pride is our identity and instead of shunning it we ought to give it the honour and respect it deserves. 


 Saskia Laroo at Konkani Rocks 2009

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Konkani Events
Konkani Rocks Revolution

 Goan music and culture took centre stage at the Mandovi Riviera, Panaji, on Saturday as a slew of popular musicians entertained the over 500-odd crowd that made their way through sluch and muck to witness the Konkani Revolution. Headlined by the Monsorate Brothers, the concert also featured popular singers... | More

Goa ForGiving brings Christmas cheer to senior citizens


Caroling is common worldwide, to usher in the Christmas-New Year festivities. This year’s caroling will remain a special memory for the 72-year old Estelvina Fernandes, an inmate of the Lar Santa Margarita Home for the Aged, located on the Diwar island in north Goa.

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Literary Festival - 13th and 14th December 2010.

Heritage Jazz, Konkani Rocks presents two world class shows at Goa Arts & Literary Festival

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Show Itself : Lorna's show in Margao reflects evolution

Time barrier was crossed as septuagenerians and teenagers joined forces at the Ravindra Bhavan on September 22 evening to give Lorna Cordeiro- Goa’s Nightingale- a 1,000 audience strong standing ovation, at the ‘Konkani Rocks- Celebrating Lorna & More’ concert. The applause was not just to cheer Lorna for her songs but also a clear indicator of... | More

Lorna Cordeiro & CM

The Goa government sees “no problems” in recommending a national award to renowned Konkani rock and jazz singer, Lorna Cordeiro, the state Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat, said in Margao on Wednesday. Such a nomination would however have to undergo the regular process such as screening by a designated central committee, he added.

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Do you think ''Rain or Shine Konkani Rocks'' show on world goa day 20th August 2010 is the most significant Live Konkani Concert over the last decade?

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